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EMS Body Sculpting
Strengthen and sculpt muscles, burn fat, and tighten skin

What is EMS Sculpting?

This extraordinary Spa treatment offers multiple technologies working in synergy, to strengthen and sculpt the muscles, burn fat, and tighten the skin.

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Completely safe and non-invasive, it offers a multi-dimensional approach to body contouring. One 30-minute session gives the equivalent of a 5 1/2 hour workout, by causing over 20,000 muscular oscillations. Rather than relying upon invasive procedures such as liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lifts, we can now safely and comfortably attain a lifting and tightening of both the muscular tissue as well as the Skin. 


  • Tighten, Define, and Firm the Abdomen

  • Lift and Firm the Buttocks

  • Strengthen and Define the Arms and Legs

  • Tighten the Pelvic Floor Muscles


The Details

Does It Hurt?

Most Clients find the sensation during the treatment to be very pleasurable. You feel your muscles responding to the electromagnetic waves, and contracting accordingly. You feel a pleasant warming sensation from the Radiofrequency. The intensities of both elements are fully adjustable, and your Treatment Technician will ensure your comfort for the entire duration of the treatment.

Will I Be Very Sore Afterwards?

You may feel some mild soreness after your session, but nothing more than you would with a conventional work-out. The EMS technology works the muscle differently than traditional weightlifting does. When doing crunches, squats, or other weight training exercises, only a portion of the targeted muscle area is worked, and we lift our own body weight. With EMS Body Sculpting, the entirety of the muscled is worked, and long muscle fibers are built. A pleasing sense of muscular strength and compression is felt immediately after the session.

When Will I See Results?

Immediately after the treatment you will feel enhanced strength in the treated area. You may also notice a general tightening. It is suggested that you have four total sessions, either 2x a week for two weeks or 1x a week for a month, to capture the optimal results of the technology.

How Often Can I Get EMS Sculpting?

As long as you allow 2 days off for muscle recovery, there is no limit to how often you may get

 EMS Body Sculpting. Furthermore, "touchup" sessions are often excellent before a vacation.

Can Men Get EMS Body Sculpting?

Absolutely! This treatment is fantastic for Men looking to build and sculpt their Abdomen, Arms, Legs, or Upper Back. For the Abdomen, the treatment even stimulated separation of the Abdominal Wall muscles, helping to give the desired "six pack" look.

Why The Pelvic Floor?

It is a common issue that Women face, where they lose tightness in the Pelvic region. This may come from having Children or other factors. Pelvic Floor laxity may even cause Urinary Incontinence in some individuals. Some Women do Kegels to strengthen the Pelvic Floor. The EMS Pelvic Floor cushion allows us to safely and intensively treat the area, much more efficiently and effectively. 

Is There Any Home Care Required?

There is no special home care required. However, EMS Body Sculpting is intended to be part of a healthy lifestyle. In order to attain optimal treatment results, it must be combined with clean eating and an exercise regimen. Though it does intensively exercise the treated area, it is not intended to be a replacement for a general exercise program. 

Are There Any Contraindications?

Individuals with the following conditions may not have EMS Body Sculpting:

Circulatory issues, Neurological issues, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Vertigo, Pacemakers, Metal Implants in the Body

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