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Our Current Packages

The Bridal Packages 

Everything you could want or need for your wedding day.

All in one place.

Welcome to the Lab.

even one for Mom!

Package Add Ons

+ Add on 1 Face & Neck Microderm for $100 (reg. $150)

+ Upgrade Package 3 and get BOTH tummy & side thermo for $950 (reg. $1,155)

Add Ons For the Groom

+ Add on 1 Face & Neck Radiofrequency for $100 (reg. $185)

+ Add on Ab EMS Series (4 sessions) for $450 (reg. $510)

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Why a Mommy Makeover with Firm Lab?

Firm Lab provides noninvasive, nonsurgical approaches to target the most commonly shared body concerns after becoming a mom. With timely treatments, and no downtime required, we don't ask you to stop being super woman.

What type of treatments?

From treatments that focus on the tummy, to the arms, and even the pelvic floor; Firm Lab is your one stop shop for all your body makeover needs.

but how expensive is this?

Firm Lab offers all of this with our most expensive package being under $3,000. Typical surgical mommy makeovers run anywhere from a minimum of $15,000 upwards of $25,000.

our mommy makeover package options

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