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Permanent Makeup Solutions

Imagine...Wake up with your liner, brows, or lips already perfectly done, and never again have to deal with smudging, running, and the constant reapplication of makeup.  Every day. 


Permanent makeup are cosmetic tattoos that help you re-create your favorite make up looks in a semi-permanent manner. Not only has it grown in popularity, but permanent makeup has come along way in recent years in the areas of  pigments, artistry, and techniques.  We're excited to offer the latest trends for for looks that are much softer and natural, while still providing lasting results.

Micro blading is probably the most popular semi permanent make up treatment using a fine needle, the artist deposits pigment directly under the skin to mimic the hair strokes of natural eyebrow hairs to re-create a fuller more natural looking brow. This particular method is not for everyone and only fills in the space areas of an already full brow.  You may know this process by names such as brow feathering or micro shading. This will all be discussed during your consultation.






Ombre brows
Ombre brows, also known as shaded brows or powder brows, are a semi permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look. The ombre appearance or shading is creating a very light color around the head of the eyebrow and then slowly darkening the pigment while approaching the tail end of the brow, mimicking the natural hair growth of your brow.

Hybrid Brows
This happens to be one of my favorite Micro pigmentation techniques.  It's just like it sounds a combination of Microblading and powder brows. This method is generally good for usually for most clients, and is customized specifically for each individual based on the desired look, skin type, coloring, and bone structure. 


Lip Blushing
This technique called lip blushing or lip tinting, is a lip tattoo that has a wash of color across the entire lip.  This is a supernatural semi permanent cosmetic tattoo that builds consistent color and defines your shape, for fuller lips without filler and a more polished pout.






Permanent Eyeliner
This method of tattooing is done with a machine it starts off with a lash line enhancement, which is a dark line that sits within the lash line to help make your eyes pop. There’s also a semi permanent eyeliner, which can be applied above the lash line, creating some of your favorite eyeliner looks. Starting off at the Lash enhancement is highly recommended.

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