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Rapid Lipo Takes NJ By Storm This Summer

Looking for the best way to slay this Summer with permanent fat reduction and sculpting for the body part that has stubborn, lingering fat? Maybe you work out and aren’t getting the fastest results. Perhaps you have fat left to lose after pregnancy. This may be the season for an event you need to shine at. You may have tried other solutions, and they had less than stellar results. Look no further. Rapid Lipo is where it’s at! Our clients have seen an immediate reduction in circumference directly after their treatment.

Optimal Rapid Lipo results appear 45 to 50 days after the treatment is complete. This is a great option for those with a Summer or Fall wedding to attend, get this exclusive treatment on your calendar now. But that’s not all! The reduction of fat is permanent. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and there is no excessive weight gain, your results are lifelong. We are thrilled to offer our clients this amazing option to reach weight loss goals, feel more confident and live their best life.

Rapid Lipo uses a combination of three technologies- Monopolar Radiofrequency to tighten the skin, Cryolipolysis for permanent fat reduction, and Cavitation for fat cell shrinkage and assisting of reduction. With Rapid Lipo’s combination of components that each address a specific concern, clients can expect to permanently eliminate up to 30% reduction in in the treated area. This treatment is excellent for those who want significant results in a shorter period of time. This combination of our three customized technologies will make you beach ready, wedding ready, and all over stunning this year.

With all the time we spend doing for others, we often neglect the things that make us feel good about ourselves. Be sure to take a moment to recharge and focus on you this Summer.

See you at the LAB!

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