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Welcome to The Founder's Lab

As you know, technology is constantly changing from one minute to the next. This is also true in the world of non-invasive technologies, and the treatments we are able to offer here at FIRM Lab

Here at FIRM Lab, we strive to give you the newest, most effective treatments possible so that is why we are introducing The Founder's Lab.

The Founder's Lab at FIRM Lab Warren is where we will introduce to you the new technologies that we are bringing into the lab. But- don't worry, The Founder's lab will work as incubation for these new treatments, so your favorites aren't going anywhere. 


The Technology

Our revolutionary ELLIPSIS machine is the first of its kind in the entire world. The monopolar radiofrequency, used in all of the treatment protocols, is the strongest non-invasive form of radiofrequency available. It is able to stimulate not only Collagen synthesis, but also Elastin synthesis. Used in combination with its other technological features, this ELLIPSIS machine is like nothing else. 

The Treatments

Rapid Lipo

rapid permanent fat reduction with monopolar RF
+ cryolipolysis + cavitation

This powerful protocol gives instant circumference reduction and tightening of the treated area. It gives substantial fat reduction; up to 30% of the uppermost fat cells in the treated area. By utilizing a combination of noninvasive, powerful technologies we are able to instantly tighten the skin and rapidly remove the deceased fat cells. Our proprietary treatment combines monopolar radiofrequency, Cryolipolysis fat freezing, and Cavitation to thoroughly target and treat fat deposits and skin laxity. Unlike other fat reduction treatments, this extraordinary treatment gives instant circumference reduction and tightens the skin. Excellent before a special event or vacation. Completely noninvasive; this extraordinary treatment is an excellent alternative to invasive surgical liposuction. Finally we are able to effectively and rapidly eliminate fat cells in the treated area without any harm to the body or unpleasant side effects. This innovative protocol is utilizing our ELLIPSIS machine, which is the first of its kind in the world. This treatments protocol cannot be found anywhere else. 

Ellipsis Facial Sculpting

Facial lifting + toning with monopolar RF + EMS

Utilizing the most cutting-edge noninvasive technologies available, our proprietary treatment protocol hits all of the causes of aging of the skin. By combining EMS muscle sculpting (in the facial protocol), monopolar radiofrequency, and infrared therapy, we are able to dramatically tighten the skin, brighten the skin, and strengthen and tone the muscles of the face. Our extraordinary protocol is fully customized per the needs of each client. The instant lifting and tightening of the skin is exceptional, and the results continue to build for several days post-treatment. This treatment protocol can only be found at FIRM Lab. 

Ellipsis Body Tightening

Body skin tightening + toning
with monopolar RF + EMS

This revolutionary treatment combines targeted EMS muscle sculpting with powerful monopolar radiofrequency skin tightening. It is excellent for firming those pesky areas of the body where we are prone to loose skin. By intensively strengthening the muscle we are able to enhance the lift and tone of the area. Then, the powerful monopolar radiofrequency comes in to firm and tighten the skin. It is a fantastic addition to our fat reduction treatments to encourage tightening of the skin and musculature during the fat reduction process.

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