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Radiofrequency Facial Rejuvenation & Body Skin Tightening

The Future of Skincare. Here. Now.


What is Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency, or RF, is the absolute latest Spa technology in skin care. It is the first of its kind that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of lines & wrinkles. Radiofrequency involves a special electrode that emits radio waves into the skin. These radio waves are able to reach the Dermal layers of the skin. Within the Dermis is Collagen, our skin's "Youth Protein". Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin looking firm and youthful. Collagen naturally degrades as we age, as production of new collagen slows.

T RF 2.jpeg


The Radio Waves, when penetrated into the skin, actually cause the Collagen to heat up and instantly contract. This causes the skin to become instantly firmer and tighter (hence the "facelift effect"). Furthermore, the Radio Waves cause the Collagen cells to become more active and increase the rate of Collagen synthesis. This means that Radiofrequency continues to have a profound anti-aging benefit on the skin long after the clients leaves the spa!

The Absolute Latest Technology

We offer Radiofrequency treatments that utilize the most state-of-the-art technology available. Our Facial RF device utilizes Smart 3D Quadropolar Radiofrequency. Rather than conventional Monopolar, Bipolar, or Tripolar Radiofrequency that typically focus on one single layer of the skin, our 3D RF penetrates deeper and treats all layers of the skin. No cooling of the surface of the skin is necessary, and the Radiofrequency feels like a relaxing massage.


Collagen is the Key


Due to the heating action the Radiofrequency has on the Collagen, there are instant, noticeable firming and tightening benefits. The skin will appear lifted and youthful. The area around the chin and jawline responds exceptionally well to Radio Wave stimulation. And since the Collagen is stimulated, it will continue to produce new Collagen. This means that the skin will continue to thicken and firm. Radiofrequency produces an instant, noticeable difference that you can see AND feel. Due to the fact that the treatment causes a continuous stimulation of the collagen in the skin, you will notice the ultimate results two days after the treatment. 

Considering a Surgical Facelift? Think of This:

Surgical facelifts, in addition to being dangerous and very expensive, do absolutely nothing to improve the condition of the skin! In fact, many people who get facelifts have to return in 4-6 years to have a "touch-up", as the skin continuously loses its firmness and needs to be "lifted" again. Radiofrequency works with and encourages the natural biological processes of the Collagen in the Dermis, and encourages it to grow and produce more tissue. You cannot get this from your ordinary facelift! Furthermore, when you leave the spa, you have a nice, natural "lift" to the skin- the facial contours do not look unnaturally stretched as they sometimes can from surgical facelifts.


How Often Do I Have to Come Back?

Results last for approximately two months. If no further Radiofrequency treatment is received, the skin will return back to its original rate of Collagen synthesis, which will eventually cause the skin to lose firmness all over again. However, if periodic Radiofrequency treatments are received, the skin will be permanently thicker and firmer, as Collagen synthesis will be routinely stimulated. It is suggested that clients receive a Radiofrequency treatment at least once every two months. Most clients wish to receive this treatment monthly because it feels so amazing! The more often a treatment is received, the more the results are maximized. A minimum of three days must be allocated between treatments. This treatment is an EXCELLENT intensive therapy to prepare the skin for a special occasion, wedding, etc. Lauren will work with you to determine what regimen best meets your needs.


Is it Painful?

There is zero pain, bruising, or swelling associated with Radiofrequency treatments. In fact, most clients report the sensation as being quite pleasing, like a hot stone massage to the face. The heat generated by the Radiofrequency electrode helps to relax muscular tension in the face and to relax the tissues of the skin. It simply feels like a relaxing massage of the facial contours.

Who Should Not Receive Radiofrequency Treatments?

There are some people who should not receive Radiofrequency treatments. Pregnant Women, those with a Pacemaker or other metal implants in the body, and anyone with open lesions on the skin should not receive Radiofrequency treatments. Those with active, chronic acne should not receive Radiofrequency until the acneic lesions have cleared.

Radiofrequency Skin Firming and Rejuvenation Treatment Areas 

Instantly Lifts and firms, utilizing FDA approved Radiofrequency technology. Can be added to any

facial. Gives instant firming and tightening results. Repeated sessions further stimulate skin thickness

and youthfulness.

Eye Area 

Localized Radiofrequency firming to the eye area. FDA-Approved technology.

Face Only 

Localized Radiofrequency firming to the face. FDA-Approved technology. Can be added to any facial.


Localized firming and tightening of the  décolleté chest) area. Utilizes FDA-approved Radiofrequency technology. An excellent addition to any facial!

'Double Chin' Area 

Localized firming and tightening of the 'double chin' area, utilizing FDA-Approved Radiofrequency technology. An excellent addition to any facial!


Localized firming and tightening of the neck area, utilizing FDA-approved Radiofrequency technology. And excellent addition to any facial!

Back of Hands 

Localized firming and tightening of the back of the hands, utilizing FDA-Approved Radiofrequency technology. An excellent addition to any facial!

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