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The Latest Innovations in Body Contouring

There has been an explosion recently in noninvasive technologies for dealing with those pesky areas of the body that working out and dieting just can’t fix.

Cellulite, for example, is a concern shared by 80% of all women. It often has nothing to do with weight and cannot be corrected just by working out. Likewise, many people have a pocket of fat in a certain area that just won’t disappear. This is frustrating, especially when we work out and eat clean, yet it just won’t go away.

Previously, treatments that addressed many of these concerns were highly invasive- and very expensive. The effects of anesthesia, surgical downtime, bruising, and pain were some of the factors one faced when they wanted to make a visible change in the contour of their body. And with every invasive procedure comes the risk of serious side effects.

Now, we have many completely noninvasive options to help contour the body. However, still many of these options are very expensive. A client could easily find themselves paying $1,000 per session of a fat freezing or other body contouring treatment and being pressured to buy expensive packages. But now there’s FIRM Lab.

I worked with my manufacturers over the course of nine years to develop treatment protocols and proprietary equipment that allows us to give clients the visible results they are looking for, in a reasonable price range. All our technologies are noninvasive and embrace some of the latest technologies available in the body contouring industry. There are a lot of different treatment methods and machines out there, but I stuck to the science of the skin and body, targeting the root causes of the common concerns that clients share.

One of my absolute favorite treatments here at FIRM Lab is our exclusive ThermoShock permanent fat reduction treatment. Typically, fat freezing uses solely cold temperatures to initiate a process called apoptosis, or death and liquification of adipose (fat) cells. It is estimated that this process, when done properly, gives a 20%-23% reduction in the fat cells and can take as long as six months to show the full results.

Our ThermoShock equipment uses a variation in temperatures, from heat to cold and back, to “shock” the fat cells. This makes the freezing element even more effective. Our technology gives a minimum 30% permanent reduction of the fat cells in the given treatment area. Furthermore, our technology has been proven to work faster- often giving 80% of the full results after two weeks’ time! As for affordability, our ThermoShock treatments cost less than half of what the average Medi spa fat freezing treatment costs. This is a phenomenal, noninvasive alternative to more expensive and invasive procedures.

We also offer other body contouring technologies that complement our ThermoShock treatment, such as Cavitation and EMS Body Sculpting. Our exclusive HOT STUFF body contouring cream, which I personally designed to be used as home care in-between our body contouring treatments, helps the treatments work even faster and keeps the skin smooth and firm. It is such an exciting time in the industry, and I am so excited to share our exclusive treatments with our FIRM Lab guests.

- Lauren



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